Letter from the Honorary Consulate of Finland Letter from Consul General of France Letter from the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic

Trade Commissioner - Guatemala Trade & Investment Office
Last year I had the opportunity, along with other Trade Representatives, members of INTRADE to be part of Link Up 2011, West Palm Beach and it was extremely beneficial for the kind of work we do representing the trade interest from our countries.

The program was excellent and well organized. It gave us a broad scope of what we can expect in terms of developing business and look for new opportunities for our companies from the countries represented during our visit.

If you will host the program this year please let me know, I will strongly recommend it to other trade commissioners.

Thank you for keeping me informed on the upcoming event.

Best regards,
Dunia Miranda-Mauri
Trade Commissioner
Guatemala Trade & Investment Office

Consulate General of Canada in Miami
Participating in LINK UP 2011 increased my knowledge of Palm Beach County's economic drivers, research strengths, and international business linkages, and broadened my network by meeting with the County's movers and shakers from the public, as well as, the private sectors.

Building relationships, having a access to key decision-makers from various levels of government (State, County, Municipalities) helps us develop business leads and better serve our companies at home that are looking for partners, buyers, suppliers, distributors, etc in Palm Beach, or who need advice and assistance on how to invest in the County.

LINK UP 2011 was instrumental in moving our Trade Offices and Palm Beach closer and to build a solid foundation for future collaborations. The networking reception certainly was an exclamation point on a very productive day. The turnout exceeded our expectations and the Proclamation signed by City Commissioners was very moving and humbling at the same time.

Orbis Strategy Group did an outstanding job at organizing the event, making sure the days’ activities were of substance and value. I look forward to going back to follow-up on relationships made and to keep exploring the wonderful things and people that the County has to offer.
Claudio Ramirez
President, INTRADE
Consul and Trade Commissioner

Consulate General of France
"Ms. Barbara Fiedor has worked with the Consulate General of France and myself in organizing an official diplomatic visit to Palm Beach County and a series of meetings on June 10, 2010. She demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism and attention to detail. The day’s agenda was completed beyond expectation, and I was extremely pleased. I can highly recommend her services."
Gael de Maisonneuve
Consul General of France

Consulate General of Finland
“Ms. Barbara Fiedor has worked with the Consulate of Finland since 2005 and myself in organizing and hosting three official diplomatic visits and a luncheon for Finnish Ambassador Lintu, in which she demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism and expertise, excellent attention to detail, follow through and follow up. Each event was completed beyond expectation, and the visiting diplomat and dignitaries were extremely pleased with their visit and made to feel very welcome. I can highly recommend her services to anyone organizing events requiring attention for detail and expertise. Barbara’s high level of commitment and pleasant personality makes the co-operation uncomplicated.”
Peter J. Makila
Honorary Consul of Finland

ProMexico - Official Mexican Government Foreign Trade Agency
“Dear Barbara,
I wanted to touch base with you and specially thank you for the successful visit you organized for the Mexican delegation on April 14, 2010, they were all very satisfied for the outcome and we hope we can maintain closer relationships with the companies in the West Palm Beach area. We certainly look forward to working together with you, in order to enhance bilateral business opportunities between Palm Beach and Mexico. Thank you very much again for your help and support.”
Best regards,
Jenny Ulate
Official Trade Agency for Mexico

Trade Commission of Denmark
"Barbara organized a tour for the French Consulate in the Southeast which was held in Palm Beach in December 2007. Additionally, she organized a tour for the Danish Trade Commission in the subsequent year. She organized meetings with pertinent companies that opened dialogue between private business and foreign governments/businesses. It's rare to meet someone with such enthusiasm for their work and I would highly recommend her services to other diplomatic governmental agencies and businesses to arrange/host their visits.”

“Additionally, Barbara has stayed in touch to further encourage business investments in South Florida and I continue to work in concert with her to develop international business whenever possible."
Nathan Regan
Senior International Trade Specialist
September 23, 2009

Republic of Slovakia
“It is with a great pleasure to respond to your letter regarding the recent visit of Slovak Deputy Prime Minister for Knowledge Based Society, European Affairs, Human Rights and Minorities, Mr. Dusan Caplovic, in Florida. I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for being exquisite hosts of the Slovak delegation in Palm Beach County. I am well aware of your great personal contribution to the overall success of the visit in Florida.”

“The visit has certainly opened new opportunities and brought up new inspirations for Slovakia in economic, academic, and cultural field. It is my intention and the Embassy in Washington DC together with our Honorary Consul in Florida Dr. Cecilia Rokusek will do their best in this respect, to build on this positive and enriching experience in future.”
Sincerely yours,
Peter Burian
Ambassador of the Slovak Republic
October 2009

Consulate General of Canada
“In January 2008 Barbara Fiedor organized a Familiarization Tour (FAM tour) of Palm Beach County for the Trade Section of the Consulate General of Canada. It was a true pleasure working with Barbara and she not only ensured we met some of the most important business contacts in the county, but also political leaders and in depth site visits in industry sectors crucial to our business.”
Jan Scazighino
Consul, Senior Trade Commissioner/Délégué commercial principal
Canadian Consulate General/Consulat général du Canada, Miami

Consulate General of Israel
“I first met Barbara Fiedor while serving as Economic Director for the Israeli Consulate in November 2007. She put together a wonderful visit and tour of Palm Beach County for the visiting diplomat and myself. Since that visit to Palm Beach County, I have cultivated a close professional relationship with Barbara, and I would recommend her without reservation. She is a hard worker, professional in every sense of the word and I would gladly work with her again at any point.”
Very Respectfully,
Diego A. Echeverri